Women’s Collection
Delicate and colorful.

Women are demanding. They know exactly what they need, what they like and what is missing in their wardrobe. That is why, when creating a women’s collection, we always consult our ideas 10 times. We want to be sure that we will perfectly meet the female taste and requirements.

Women sometimes hear that “Skarpetka is such a small thing” or “How much can you think about choosing a color?”. We know that the greatest joy in life is given by small things, and a suitably chosen color can have a colossal significance in building self-confidence.

It is precisely for these women that we create our collections: self-confident, courageous and demanding. Our socks as well as tights, leggings, socks, knee socks and knee socks are worn by women who are not afraid of change and boldly reach for things that give them joy, comfort and self-confidence.

skarpetki w arbuzy

Watermelon socks

skarpety w banany

Banana socks

szare skarpetki w śliwki

Plum socks

szare skarpety w maki

Poppy socks

białe skarpetki z uszami w sowę

Owls socks

beżowe w słoneczniki

Sunflowers socks

skarpetki w grochy

Peas socks

Skarpetki lurex

Lurex socks

Zakolanówki bawełniane

Cotton socks